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Welcome to Wooler United Church

To all members, adherents and supporters of Wooler United Church:
As we all know, "For everything there is a season" Ecclesiastes 3:1. The season for reopening has come to Wooler and services have begun.  Please find Service information below.
After a year and a half of being unable to gather together, we have now reached the point that worshiping together is open to us. Masks are voluntary at this time. 
We believe that it is time for Wooler United Church to reestablish itself as a significant presence in Quinte West. With God's help and your continued support, we will go forward together.
Important Announcement:
Congregational Meeting Sunday November 27 right after the service: The meeting is for the Search Committee to present a candidate for the 20 hour minister's position at our church.  The committee will seek a congregational vote to ask Regional Council to appoint the minister to our church. Full details of the Minister and the appointment will be given at the congregational meeting.

Motion to be put forward to the congregation

Wooler United Church concurs with the recommendations of the search team that the Rev. Stevan Spicer be appointed to this community of faith with the following terms:

  1. Category (F)
  2. Cost of Living category (2)
  3. Effective dates: from 1 January 2023 until 31 December 2023
  4. Hours per week (20)
  5. Minimum annual salary of $31,519.00
  6. Telephone/communication allowance of $339.00 per year
  7. Support for continuing education at $771.50 each pastoral year
  8. Minimum one month (5 Sundays) vacation
  9. Three weeks’ study leave (including Sundays) in each pastoral year
  10. Administrative assistance defined as:  Administration Assistant and/ or Volunteer for 20 hours per month.
  11. Participation in the centralized payroll service; pension and group insurance payments as assessed.
  12. Travel expense reimbursement as logged based on minimum General Council rate.

This request be forwarded to the East Central Ontario Regional Council for approval of the appointment.

 10:30 Sunday Services Schedule & Presenter
Church services start the 11th of September after Summer Break
Sept 11: Siobhan Flynn (LLWL)
Sept 18: Rev Anja Guignion
Sept 25: Siobhan Flynn (LLWL)
Oct 2: Rev Anja Guignion - Communion
Oct 9: Linda Walt - Thanksgiving
Oct 16: Rev. Steve Spicer
Oct 23:  Siobhan Flynn (LLWL)
Oct 30: Gwen Olson
Nov 6: Lynn Liddell (LLWL)
Nov 13: Lynn Liddell (LLWL)
Nov 20: Siobhan Flynn (LLWL)
Nov 27: Siobhan Flynn (LLWL) Congregational Meeting follows the service
Dec 4: Siobhan Flynn (LLWL)
Dec 11: Siobhan Flynn (LLWL)
Dec 18: Rev. Steve Spicer
Dec 24: Christmas Eve Service at 6:30 PM - Rev. Steve Spicer
Jan 8 2023: Church services resume.
LLWL:  Licensed Lay Worship Leader
Wooler United Church Congregational Meeting 5 June 2022
Change of Pastoral Charge Governance Model to the Streamlined Board Model

The purpose of todays congregation meeting is to change Wooler United Church’s governance system from Stewards and Session to the Streamlined Board Model. The Streamlined Board Model proposed for use at Wooler United Church is outlined below. The congregational is being asked to vote in the use of this governance system and the people shown in the section under Structure.  At the Annual meeting in the new year the Governance model will be addressed to determine any changes.

The streamlined board is smaller than that of the Unified Board or Church Council found at many larger churches. The Board's structure and its missions are shown below. The structure also has a variety of Teams or Groups who gather to work on specific mission activities, affinities, interests, and passions. Those who serve on the board do not have to serve on a particular group or team, and those who serve with a group or team do not have to attend Board meetings.

The Governance Board


  1. Ministry Personnel: Minister or in our case Pastoral Charge Supervisor - Rev Bruce Fraser
  2.  Regional Council - Wooler Church Representative: Linda Walt
  3.  Chairperson: Dave Dorland
  4.  Secretary: Patti Knight
  5.  Treasurer: Donal Gray


  1. Discerns Mission
  2. Forms Policy
  3. Develops Strategies
  4. Deploys Leaders to create or run groups or teams.
  5. Monitors Progress of the Teams, Groups and Committees
  6. Responsibilities of the Governing Body as defined in the bylaws stated in B.7.4.1 UCC Manual 2022.


The Board members have freedom and authority to act, guided by the congregation’s purpose and core values, and the parameters of each leader’s role.

Teams and Committees


All Committees are run under the UCC agenda and are the same no matter what governance system a church may elect to use:

  1. Ministry and Personnel Committee
  2. Board of Trustees
  3. Minister Search committee

Teams (proposed)

  1. Spirituality: Provide LLWL Coverage, church service preparation / scripture readings, Mission & Service and Special Services.
  2. Property: Regular maintenance (grass, snow), custodial functions and maintenance repairs by vendor or church members.
  3. Financial: Oversight of bank accounts, payments, and income from all teams with their own treasurers and bank accounts.  Back up and oversight of Church Treasurer.
  4. Fund Raising: The planning and running of church fund raising events
  5. Pastoral Care: Visiting of members by team members with experience and/or education is meeting with people who have medical or family issues.





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