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Wooler United Church 2020 Annual Report


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Ministers Report                                                                                                    

Poem “If This Time                                                                                                         

Clerk of Session Report                                                                                                 

In Memoriam                                                                                                                

Memorial Fund                                                                                                                  


Men’s Breakfast                                                                                                    

Meat-Pie & Can – Fund Raiser                                                                             

Soup & Sandwich Program                                                                              

Wooler Board of Stewards                                                                              

Ministry and Personnel                                                                                   

UCW Report                                                                                                      

UCW Financial Report                                                                                     

Mission & Service Report                                                                               

Bell Tower Repair Fund                                                                                   

Trustees Financial Report                                                                               

Wooler SPE 2020 Financial Report                                                                

Wooler United Church 2020 Financial Report                                                           

Contact Information                                                                                                    



 Ministers Report Submitted by

Rev. Dr. Kathy Edmison

Several years ago, my professional association (The Canadian Association for Spiritual Care), engaged with our American partners to plan a shared conference in Cleveland for May 2020.  Back then, the planning committee was looking for a theme and I suggested “20/20 Vision.” As it turned out, this idea was accepted, and an amazing conference was planned.  I booked my continuing education leave, made my hotel reservations, and then…

Undoubtedly, it has been a distressful year for everyone as the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to shake our world. Although filled with much more distress than usual, however, this past year also holds out many important insights.  Perhaps we are seeing more clearly some of the social issues that might easily have been overlooked in the past: mass killings, racial injustice, police brutality, and violence that tears at our very social fabric.  The events of 2020 most certainly raise extremely difficult questions: What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to be Christian? What does God desire amid such seeming upheaval? What does it mean to be Wooler United Church today?

Have you ever gone for a nature hike and found yourself facing an unexpected uphill battle?  The year 2020 felt like that to me (and, unfortunately, 2021 shows no signs of easing up, at least in my personal life). Our church year began with the loss of life-long member, Jim Dorland.  This was preceded by the very unexpected death of Dennis Dorland. I am so grateful that we were able to celebrate these lives before the Pandemic forced our doors closed.   And thankfully, we were able to host the Chuckwagon Dinner in February, an event that played such an important role in Jim’s life!  He would be proud.

In March, the path took another sudden rise as we learned how the Pandemic would impact our church life. In mid-March, public worship ceased as well as all community events such as Soup and Sandwich.  For several months, worship resources were provided online, but we learned that not everyone has access to the Internet.

At the Annual Meeting in March 2020, I provided an update regarding my precarious health situation.  At that time, I felt I could continue in ministry and would consider continuing my appointment through 2021, but as we know, that changed rapidly as my health declined sharply.  I have learned that growing older brings its challenges!  That said, however, the neurological damage in my neck affects my voice, especially when under stress. I also lose the feeling in my legs if I stand in one place for more than a few minutes. In essence, my body feels undependable and unpredictable. Following a conversation with David Dorland, I decided that I could not, in good conscience, renew my appointment in July 2020.  Since that decision, the congregation has begun a search process to find a replacement.  As well, I have been granted Voluntary Associate Minister status.  This means that I will make myself available for urgent pastoral care as I am able. 

In April, we learned the sad news that Victor Smith had died peacefully at Seasons, at the grand age of 92. I have been in contact with his family, and they would like to plan a memorial service when this is possible. Wooler United Church became especially important to Vic and Mary following the closure of King Street United in Trenton.  We are so glad they felt spiritually nurtured with us.

In May, we learned the shocking news that Rodney Lowe, Roxie’s brother had died unexpectedly at home.  I conducted a graveside service for the family at Carman in July.

In October, my housekeeper, Gail Wirth, asked if I would baptize her. This request was cleared by the Session and on October 30, we gathered at the church to conduct a baptism under COVID restrictions.  Thanks to Linda and Joan for making sure we complied with the orders of the health unit.

In December, a modest Christmas Eve service was offered by Karen Bates, our secretary, and Licensed Lay Worship Leader.

As we move into a future that still seems unpredictable, the work of the search committee continues with the hope of securing a new minister in the next few months. 

I regret deeply that my decision to leave ministry happened during a time when we have not been able to celebrate the amazing ministries we have shared since I began in September 2012.  Looking forward, I hope we can find a time to honour our time together.

Several weeks ago, I came across this poem that has helped me gather strength as we struggle up the COVID hill in this marathon. I share it here in the hopes that it will bring hope and strength to you, too.



Rev. Kathy Edmison, D. Min.
Voluntary Associate Minister
Wooler United Church

“If This Time"

A reflection during the COVID 19 restrictions

Written by Kevin McCormack. (Mindfulness and Meditation teacher in Cork, Ireland)

If you would like to listen to Kevin narrating his poem with beautiful background music and photos, here is a YouTube link:

Clerk of Session Report

The Session of the Wooler United Church met in a traditional format once during 2020.  While the pandemic certainly adjusted our ability to meet in person, and to hold services in our sanctuary, the Session continued to operate in modified fashion throughout the balance of 2020.  We held several votes via email for baptism approvals, service dates when we could meet, policies for safely resuming services when allowed by provincial and regional health guidelines.  

Our committee has also had changes in its membership over this year.  Roxie Dorland, and Bob and Diane Whillans resigned their positions on the Session, leaving vacancies that we would love to see filled once again.  

Going forward, we are hopeful that we will resume services again soon, and that we approach our faith with renewed spirits.  


                         Clerk of Session
                         Gwen Olson

                                                                       Date of Death                          Date of Funeral

Betty June MacDonald                                   February 20, 2020                   February 25, 2020
Dennis James Dorland                                   February 15, 2020                   February 28, 2020
James Edwin Dorland                                    February 7, 2020                     March 7, 2020
William Charles Bugg                                    January 21, 2020                     April 18, 2020
Betty MacDonald                                           February 20, 2020                   July 23, 2020
Rodney Burton Lowe                                     May 25, 2020                          July 25, 2020
Nancy Jean Harrington Adams                      June 5, 2019                            August 29, 2020
Edgar Lebow                                                  November 21, 2020                 December 2, 2020


Memorial Fund Donations were received in memory of:

Art Dorland                             Dennis Dorland                       Murray German
Glenn Lalonde                        James Dorland                        Rodney Lowe
Lorna Dorland                         Doug Dorland                          Betty MacDonald
Doris Kleist                              Vic Smith
Memorial Fund Financial
            Jan. 1, 2020 Bank Balance                                  $2,919.99
                                 Donations                                          $5,818.23
                                 Interest                                                     $1.24
                                 Expenses (stamps etc.)                   __ -$67.33
             Dec 31, End of year Bank Balance                    $8,672.13            
Memorial Fund GIC Investment
            Opening value 1st Jan. 2020:                             $15,000.00
            Interest:                                                                    $285.00                   
            Closing value 31st Dec. 2020:                           $15,285.00   
Submitted by Linda Walt

Patricia Gail Wirth on October 30, 2020

                    daughter of

Stanley Shortt and Vera Cox



We continued until March with 16 – 18 men eating a hearty breakfast. They laugh loudly and always leave with a feeling of fellowship. They supplied the handicapped equipment for the washrooms.

                                                                                              Submitted by Bob Walt

Meat Pie & Can – Fund Raiser

Quite a successful year.  Have carried on as people still buy the pies and donate cans etc. Still use         this money to buy smaller items as needed by the church.  In June and Dec. made a total deposit of $1200.00 to the general fund. As of December, there was a balance of $271.85 in Petty Cash.  Thanks to all.

                                                                                                              Submitted by Roxie Dorland


         Soup & Sandwich Fund Raiser

A difficult year for all.  Jan., Feb. & March were the only months this was held. The total handed  in to the general account amounted to $1465.00. {including petty cash}. Have closed out this event completely to better times ahead.  

                                                                                                       Submitted by Roxie Dorland

 Wooler Board of Stewards

 New dishes have arrived and strategically placed in the cupboards.  They not only look good but clean well. A new shed has been constructed and put in place by Dean Milligan. This eliminated any liability with the old structure. New computers for the church have been purchased, and, as the old printer has died, a new laser printer is being considered.

To comply with security concerns and to add to existing storage cabinetry, a new filing cabinet will be purchased.
 Donal Gray is the new treasurer and has spent countless hours setting up new accounting practices as required by CRA and the new church council.
Hopefully, we will be able to swing wide the doors of Wooler United Church welcoming all into our space again.
                                                                                        Submitted by Bob Walt

We met twice this year. Topics of discussion included staff layoffs due to Covid and Kathy’s involvement with Wooler United taking in concerns regarding her health.
We are trying to set the description for our office administrator. Some discussion was held as to the pulpit supply and congregational support.
                                                                                   Submitted by Bob Walt

Due to Covid restrictions only 4 meetings were held in 2020 with an average attendance of 9. Despite the circumstances, we did support Mission and Service, MADD, Almost Home, Three Oaks, Old Hay Bay Methodist Church, Adopt a child and Quin-Mo-lac.
 At the February meeting, we heard from Lisa McMurter from the Regional Hospice of Quinte concerning the construction of the Quinte Hospice. We decided to contribute $2000 toward this wonderful project.
We provided for two funeral receptions, Jim Dorland, and Dennis Dorland.
Our cookie project for the year was cancelled and the women each contributed money instead of baking.
The year 2021 hopefully will allow us to share our time and efforts together for the work of the United Church.
                                                                                                     Linda Walt,

This has also been an exceedingly difficult year for everyone.  
 With only a few meetings held we carried on with some of our obligations and donated $2,000.00 to Hospice Quinte.  Sadly, we had 2 funerals to cater to & our cookie trays “fund raiser” was held with a different type of procedure.
We will start 2021 with a balance of $2,350.29 and hope to get back to normal sometime.
Wooler UCW 2020 Financial Report
Opening Bank Balance 1 Jan 2020:                                                   $4241.61
Dues collected from members:                                                                  $460.00
Funeral Luncheons:                                                                                $1,200.00
Funeral Luncheon expenses:                                                                   -$158.70
Cookie Sales                                                                                           $1,777.50
Total Income                                                                                          $3,278.80
Roto Static – Rugs in church cleaned                    $755.12
Presbyterial travel expenses                                    $80.00
UCW Dues                                                             $100.00      
Bursary donation                                                      $48.00
Donation to Church Memorial Fund                       _$25.00
Total expenses                                                   $1020.12
Donations to other charities
Adapt-a-Child                                                            $200.00
Almost Home                                                            $100.00
MADD Canada                                                          $100.00
Old Hay Bay Church                                                 $200.00
Regional Hospice of Quinte Inc.                            $2,000.00
The Bay of Quinte Conference Camp Corp.             $250.00
Three Oaks Foundation                                            $100.00
The United Church of Canada – M&S Fund          $1,200.00                           
Total Donations                                                    $4.150.00
Closing Bank Balance 31 Dec 2020                                                      $2350.29
                                                                                                                 Roxie Dorland
                                                                                                                  UCW Treasurer



                    Amount by Envelop and Par offering in 2020:            $4005.00
                     Amount by U.C.W.:                                                           $1,200.00             
                     Total Mission & Service donation transfer:                  $5,205.00
Donations collected on behalf of The United Church of Canada.

Total donations to date:                                                        $2825.00
Bell Tower repair expenses to date:                                      - $508.50
Available Funds for Repair as of 31 Dec 2020:                 $2316.50
Dedicated funds for the Bell Tower Repair Fund are kept in the TD chequing account.

The trustees met once to discuss and be updated on the Church investments. No other concerns were brought forward.
                                                                                      Submitted by Bob Walt
2020  Wooler United Church –Trustee Investment Summary 31 December 2020
IA Financial Group
Trustee Investment Summary
Opening Balance 1 January 2020:                              $152,350.63
Net Transactions (Withdrawals):                                     -$7200.00
Variation in market value:                                               -$1,364.41
Value as 31 December 2020:                                      $143,786.41
Trustee Bank Account Summary
Opening Balance 1 Jan 2020:                                         $1654.14
Closing Balance 31 Dec 2020:                                        $1654.14

Balance Forward Jan. 1, 2020                                                             $4,671.66
Student Registrations                                                                             $8,400.00
Total Income                                                                                          $8,400.00
Bank Charges                                                          $111.00
Honorariums                                                            $900.00
Fees                                                                      $1,750.00
Student Registration Refund                                $1,000.00
Facilitator                                                              $3,409.00  
Total Expenses                                                    $7,170.08
Balance Dec. 31, 2020                                                                             $5901.58

Wooler United Church 2020 Financial Report

Fund Raiser Net Income
Canada Helps                                                            $2,000.00
Chuck Wagon Dinner                                                 $1,904.70
Fundraiser Expenses                                                   -$509.70
Meat Pies and Recycling                                            $1,200.00
Soup and Sandwich                                                    $1,625.00
TOTAL Fund Raiser Net Income                              $6,220.00
Rental Income and Expenses
Rent overpayment return – Elections Canada             -$536.75
TOTAL Rental Income and Expenses                      -$536.75
Church Revenue
Bank Interest                                                                  $10.78
Cash Donations No Name                                            $168.75
Donations – Canada Helps                                        $2,000.00
Envelope General Offerings                                     $19,058.00
Envelope M&S Donations                                          $1,310.00
HST                                                                               $804.06
Investment Transfer                                                    $7,200.00                   
PAR General Offering                                                 $8,340.00
PAR M&S Donations                                                    $2,150.00
TOTAL Church Revenue                                          $41,041.59
TOTAL INCOME                                                         $46,724.84
Donee Transfers and Expenses
Admin Expenses for Taking Donations                           $113.50
M&S Fund Transfers                                                    $4,005.00
TOTAL Donee transfers and expenses                      $4118.50
Employment Compensation
ADP Payroll                                                              $24,750.60
Mileage Compensation                                                 $437.97
Pulpit Supply                                                                 $442.25
Telephone Compensation                                             $368.00
TOTAL Employment Compensation                     $25,998.82
Licenses and Fees
Bank Fees                                                                        $36.75
One License                                                                   $252.50
Edge License                                                                  $190.00
Council Liaison Representative Fee – Search
Committee                                                                      $150.00
United Church of Canada Yearly Fee                          $2,309.00
TOTAL Fees & Charges                                             $2,938.25
Occupancy Costs
Building Insurance                                                      $5438.18
Enbridge Natural Gas                                                  $2,736.72
Hydro One                                                                  $2,531.27
Lawn Care                                                                       $60.00
Maintenance Costs                                                        $160.00
Phone and Internet                                                        $839.40
Snow Removal                                                            $1,100.00
Water Test                                                                      $350.00
TOTAL Occupancy Costs                                       $13,216.21          
 Office Supply Purchases                                               $512.00
 OSM Website______________________________    $406.00       
 TOTAL Office Supplies                                                $918.12
  Church Operational Purchases                                    $1840.76
  Refunds on purchases______________________       -$110.05
  TOTAL Purchases                                                      $1,730.71
  TOTAL CHURCH EXPENSES IN 2020                     $48,920.61
   From TD Saving to TD chequing                                 $10,000.00
   TOTAL Bank Transfers                                              $10,000.00
Church TD Bank Accounts Reconciliation
TD Chequing Account
Opening Balance 1 Jan. 2020:                                   $14,971.09         
Closing Balance 31 Dec. 2020:                                  $22,773.54
TD Savings Account
Opening Balance 1 Jan. 2020:                                  $10,011.23
Closing Balance 31 Dec 2020:                                         $13.01                                              


All financial statements are based on the “Cash” bookkeeping format.

We have examined the Wooler United Church 2020 Financial Books and found them to be in order:

                        Audited by: Linda Walt

                        Audited by: Grant Southwell

                                  Date: 2 March 2021

Congregational Chairperson                            David Dorland            
Congregational Secretary                                Joan Dorland                          
Treasurer                                                          Donal Gray                             
Administrative Assistant                                   Karen Bates                            
Council Representative                                    Linda Walt                              
Clerk of Session                                               Gwen Olson                            
Envelope Steward                                            Bob Walt                                
Christian Education Coordinator                      Stephanie Richards                
UCW President                                                Linda Walt                              
UCW Treasurer                                                Roxie Dorland                          
Bob Walt (Chair)                                             Linda Walt                               
David Dorland                                                Joan Dorland                          
Doug DeMille                                                  Gwen Olson (Clerk)                
Bob Walt (Chair)                                             George Klem                          
Dean Milligan                                                  Susan Milligan (Secretary)    
David Dorland                                                 Joan Dorland                          
Donal Gray                                                      Roxie Dorland                          
Carol Lalonde                                     
David Dorland (Chair)                                     Peter Richards                         
Bob Walt                                                         Dean Milligan                          
Ministry and Personnel
David Dorland (Chair)                                     Bob Walt                                  
Carol Lalonde             
Mission & Service
Linda Walt                                                       Gerri Wilson   
Worship Committee
Gwen Olson                                                     Gerri Wilson                           
Brenda Gray               
Christian Education
Susan Milligan                                                 Stephanie Richards    
Search Committee
Donal Gray (Chair)                                          Joan Dorland
Gerrie Wilson                                                  Carol Lalonde
Brenda Gray